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How To Choose an Engagement Ring?

engagement rings

It happened, you finally decided to ask for your partner’s hand! You have planned everything down to the smallest detail so that this moment is forever etched in her / his memory. But you still miss an essential ingredient: the engagement ring! There are different types and sizes of engagement rings that you can choose from. Which to choose and how to be sure of your choice?

Why Offer a Ring?

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Newly wedded couples have been exchanging rings since time immemorial. In the old days, the newlyweds exchanged a circular ring, which was to symbolize the eternity of their endless love. But it was in the Middle Ages that the engagement ring became popular when the Archduke Maximilian of Austria offered Marie de Bourgogne a ring with diamonds as a sign of their engagement. This ring symbolizes the attachment that you feel for your other half, your dedication. That is why you should not be too light about your choice.

Find the Right Size

To ensure that the ring stays on the finger of your loved one and does not slip, it is essential that you buy it in the right size. Do not hesitate to borrow a ring in the drawer before you go to the jeweler! This will limit the margin of error.

Take The Taste Into Account

We are now in the most complex phase: choose the ring that will please her! How do you make the right choice between all existing models? First, consider the personality of your companion. Is she rather outgoing or discreet? Does she wear large or light jewelry? Take a moment to see how she supplies her outfits with accessories. This will lead you to a ring style (extravagant or simple).

Consider the Material Used In Making a Ring

Is your partner more attracted to yellow gold or silver? You can select the frame that suits her best.
If your soulmate has a Pinterest account, don’t hesitate to make a visit! She may have already shown rings on it that she likes!

Choose a Stone

An engagement ring is characterized by the gems that adorn it. It is these precious stones that will give him all his splendor But which one to choose? Diamond is a safe choice. It pleases the vast majority of young ladies. You take a very little risk with this by buying a ring with sparkling diamonds. Also, think of less expensive gems, but just as beautiful as rubies or sapphires, which give the ring color. If your lady likes rings with older styles, these stones might do her a favor.

Determine Your Budget


All rings clearly do not have the same price. Depending on the stone and the metal that makes them up, the price can vary from single to double. It is therefore important that you determine a budget before you start your research. This can already determine your choice.

Choose a Shape

Although the solitaire round diamond remains timeless, it is not only in the display case. A multitude of shapes is indeed available for the central stone. However, keep in mind that after the round shape, the “princess” and “kisses” shapes are most appreciated by the ladies.